New Employee Checklist for Employers

To help get your new student employee off and running, the student employment office has provided the following checklist to be printed and completed to ensure each employee is ready to work successfully.

Upon Hire – Before a Student Starts Working

Hiring Paperwork:

Once hired, the student and their University employer will need to complete the following:

  • Bi-Weekly Student Appointment Form - via Employee Self Service and the HR Transaction System the employer creates one of the following appointment options:
    Biweekly Student Continuous
    Biweekly Student Work-Study
    Biweekly Student Summer
  • Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) - This form must be completed electronically via Employee Self Service and I-9 Express found on the External Links tab. This form must be done by the student and the employer within three days of the job start date. The employer must examine evidence of the student's identity and employment eligibility. Generally, students use either a driver’s license or University ID card AND a social security card or original birth certificate. A U.S. Passport is also acceptable. The Payroll website provides a list of acceptable I-9 documents.
  • Form W-4 – (completed by the student on Employee Self Service)
  • Authorization for Direct Deposit – (direct deposit for the student's pay is set up by the student on Employee Self Service)

Select ISIS and Human Resources Self Service Access for Students for additional information regarding the completion of these forms by students.

Select PDF icon Terms and Conditions of Student Employment for additional information on the rights and responsibilities of student hourly employees.

Work Space & Technology

  • Obtain technology access and accounts (network access, email, etc.)
  • Telephone extension and voicemail access
  • Determine need for computer equipment, telephone equipment, keys, files, supplies
  • Building/Office Access


  • Send an email to department employees introducing new student employee
  • Schedule sufficient uninterrupted time and space for review and training

Department Orientation

Introduce Department Functions:

  • Organization, structure, and mission of the department (organizational chart if necessary)
  • Relationship of the department to other university departments and the overall mission
  • The student’s role in relationship to other roles in the department, who to contact with issues, etc.
  • Goals, current priorities and operational activities of the department
  • Tour of department, introductions, supply cabinet, copy/fax machines, etc.

Review Job Duties & Responsibilities

  • Current job description, initial goals, expectations
  • Performance standards, evaluation procedures, and addressing common problems
  • Daily work hours, Midterm/Finals schedule expectations, overtime needs and extra assignment requirements
  • Provide employee with job training and cross training

Policies & Procedures:

  • Policies & Procedures unique to job and/or department (not conflicting with university policies and procedures)
  • Building evacuation procedures
  • Time reporting, breaks, lunch duration/time
  • Voicemail, E-mail, Private and Public network drives, University Directory
  • Rules for down time/any additional unwritten rules

Office of Student Employment

  • View Office of Student Employment Policies & Procedures
  • View UI programs and others resources you can take advantage of to assist with career development
  • Ensure student maintains compliance with work hour and enrollment requirements

The above information and forms have been reviewed with me and/or signed by me as appropriate. A copy of this Student Orientation Checklist has been provided to me.


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