The Office of Student Financial Aid determines your eligibility for financial aid and the University Billing Office is responsible for the disbursement of your financial aid (except Work-Study). The University Billing Office will apply your financial aid funds to your University Bill (U-Bill). Prior session charges must be paid before financial aid funds can be released. Refer to the University Billing Office web page for more information and answers to frequently asked questions.

U-Bills are generated on the first working day of each month and are available on MyUI. Tuition for the summer session is billed in June, fall session in August, winter session in December and spring session in January. In addition to showing tuition and fee charges, these U-Bills will show an estimate of your approved financial aid (except Work-Study) that is being credited to the contract charges (tuition and fees and on-campus housing and dining) on your U-Bill. If part of your aid includes scholarships and grants, they will be used before any loans to pay for contract charges (tuition and fees and on-campus housing and dining). Beginning the first day of classes, the University Billing Office will refund any excess financial aid (any financial aid over and above what is used for contract charges on your bill) to the student/parent. View information on setting up direct deposit on the University Billing Office refunds and direct deposit website.

If part of your financial aid package includes loans, check your Financial Aid To Do List on MyUI to see if you need to accept your loans and/or complete a promissory note and/or entrance counseling. These must be completed before your loan funds will disburse. When in MyUI, be sure you select the appropriate session (i.e., Fall 2023, Spring 2024).

If you are receiving a privately-funded scholarship (i.e. Rotary Foundation, local hometown organization) review University Billing Office information regarding submitting scholarship checks.

You may contact the University Billing Office at:

The University of Iowa Billing Office
2700 University Capitol Centre
Iowa City, IA 52242
(319) 335-0071
(800) 943-4557

Email: ubill@uiowa.edu