The Bureau of Iowa College Aid is a state agency that administers scholarship, grant, and related programs to help Iowa students finance their educational expenses. Some of the grants and scholarships available for Iowa residents require the completion of the Iowa Financial Aid Application. Students may review eligibility requirements through the application. In the event that available state funds are insufficient to pay the full amount of each approved scholarship, the Bureau of Iowa College Aid has the authority to administratively reduce the offer. For information on state grant assistance for nonresidents of Iowa, contact your state higher education agency.

Financial assistance for students with disabilities is administered through state vocational rehabilitation offices. Contact any district office for information. Information is also available from The University of Iowa Office of Student Disability Services.

Dependents of veterans who are deceased or significantly disabled as a result of military service may qualify for educational aid including Education Aid to War Orphans. Iowa residents can obtain information from the Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs. Residents of other states can contact the Veterans Affairs Office.