No matter how you finance your education, you must manage your money to maximize your situation and ultimately reach your goals. Take charge of your money and be informed!

Examine your own situation through our easy-to-use financial literacy budget worksheets.  To get started, click on the appropriate worksheet to the right. The worksheet will analyze, in two ways, how much of your income is spent on all of your expenses:

  1. the percentage of income being used toward expenses
  2. dollar figures for total income, total expenses and any remaining unbudgeted income

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are my expenses more than my income?
  • Are my expenses realistic?
  • Does any of the information surprise me?
  • If my expenses are more than my income, what expense category can be reduced?
  • How can I earn more income?
  • Do I know my loan balance and repayment options?

Create a Budget With Pen and Paper

Download our PDF iconMonthly Spending Plan and PDF iconWeekly Spending Tracker. Use the monthly plan to set goals for how much you want to spend on various items.  Then use the weekly spending tracker to track your daily purchases.

Budgeting Tips

  • Track your spending using a budgeting tool/app like
  • Do NOT use a credit card unless you can pay off the balance IN FULL each month.
  • Use cash as frequently as possible and monitor transactions daily.
  • Track bill due dates on a calendar or on your phone.  Avoid late fees!
  • Don't spend all of your extra money!  Save for it--it will ultimately be more highly valued.
  • Be mindful of your intended career path and projected salary.  Build strong budgeting habits NOW!

One-on-one meetings with Financial Literacy staff allow resources and tools to be tailored to your unique concerns.  Set up an individual consultation with a Financial Literacy Specialist in MyUI:

  • In the Student Information section, click on Advising Appointment
  • Choose Office of Student Financial Aid in the dropdown menu and click Schedule Appointment
  • Select your appointment reason from the dropdown menu
  • Select your time and click Schedule Appointment