Dropping Classes

If you drop classes early enough in the semester to receive an adjustment in tuition, your financial aid may also be adjusted. If you plan on changing your enrolled credit hours, you should contact us to determine the impact on your financial aid. 

Some scholarship and grant programs require continuous full-time enrollment (12 hours undergraduate and 9 hours graduate) each semester. If you are enrolled for less than full-time those scholarships and grants may be canceled for the current semester and future semesters. Check your scholarship renewal requirements in MyUI or refer to information you received from the scholarship provider. 

If your enrollment and tuition charges change, you will also experience a change in the amount of your Federal Pell Grant depending on your enrollment: 6-8 hours (half-time); 9-11 hours (three-quarter time); or 12 or more hours (full-time).

If you drop hours you will still need to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards. Dropping hours while on SAP probation may prevent you from meeting your probation requirements and result in the need to file another SAP appeal.

Adding Classes

Any change to increase hours for financial aid must be done by the Registrar's last day to drop classes in order to affect tuition and fee assessments.

Withdrawing From All Courses

If you withdraw from the University your financial aid may be reduced and the Office of Student Financial Aid may be required to refund or repay a portion of your financial aid.  For additional information on how a withdrawal may affect current financial aid, view the Federal Return of Title IV Funds Refund Policy

Withdrawing can affect your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). If you withdraw while on SAP probation you will not meet your probation requirements and will be ineligible for future financial aid without an accepted SAP appeal.