Summer financial aid offers are based on the number of semester hours in which the student was registered at the time the Summer Financial Aid Application was processed. 

Summer financial aid may be reduced or canceled if a student’s registration changes (i.e., dropping individual courses, or withdrawing completely), according to federal regulations. How a student’s financial aid may be impacted by dropping individual courses or entirely withdrawing registration is determined by the student’s specific enrollment status and financial aid offer.

Students who withdraw their summer registration are no longer eligible for summer Work-Study employment. Students employed under the part-time hourly program who withdraw in the summer must have been enrolled for the prior spring or their summer employment will be terminated.

Students wishing to drop individual courses or entirely withdraw their summer registration must notify the UI Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) in writing on the day of or prior to changing their registration to see how their financial aid may be affected.  The email should include the information listed below.


Required Information for Change of Registration Notification

Notification can be provided by email (, fax (319-335-3060), or by speaking with a financial aid advisor in 2400 University Capitol Centre. The following information must be provided:

  • Email Subject: Summer Change of Registration Notification
  • Student's name
  • UI ID number
  • Student's email or phone number
  • Course(s) the student will be withdrawing from or dropping
  • Date you anticipate dropping of individual course(s) or entire withdrawal
  • If you plan to enroll or are currently enrolled in a summer course that begins at a later date, include the course title and the start date of the course