There are a variety of other programs and enrollment classifications at the University of Iowa.  Financial aid may be available to help students who participate in these programs or have special enrollment classifications.

Individual University of Iowa colleges, departments, and programs may have their own financial aid funds to offer. Check out the website for the department/college in which you are enrolled.

  • Visiting Students

Students who are attending the University of Iowa (UI) for a semester or academic year only and will be returning to their "home" institution to receive their degree are considered visiting students.  These students must apply for financial aid from their "home" institution.

  • Cooperative Education, Internships, and Auditing Courses

Students enrolled for cooperative education or internships for 0 hours are considered to be full-time for loan deferment purposes. Students enrolled in 0 hours are not charged any tuition and not eligible for financial aid. 

Some internships are set up for 3 or more hours. To qualify for Federal student loans, undergraduate students must be enrolled for 6 or more hours and graduate students must be enrolled for 5 or more hours. Federal Pell grants may be available to undergraduate students enrolled for less than 6 hours.

To qualify for institutional scholarships, students must enroll in 12 or more hours. Students that are not enrolled in at least 12 hours can contact the Office of Student Financial Aid to see what options are available for their scholarships.

  • Subsequent Bachelor's Degree/Teacher Certification

Students will not be eligible for scholarships and grants offered by the Office of Student Financial Aid; however, they may qualify for work-study and/or loans. Students need to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) may need to submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal.

  • Major Only

Students working on a major only are not eligible for federal financial aid.