Summer Financial Aid Application

The summer application will be available in MyUI March 21, 2022. To apply for 2022 summer financial aid you must:

  • have the 2021-2022 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file in the Office of Student Financial Aid
  • complete the summer financial aid application on MyUI 
  • be registered for all summer courses prior to submitting the summer application. Early summer registration begins March 7, 2022.

You must apply for and be offered summer financial aid before your summer session ends.


Credit hour requirements to receive summer Federal Direct Loans vary based on college:

College Minimum Credit Hours
Undergraduate 6
Graduate 3
College of Pharmacy 6
College of Dentistry 2
College of Law 3
College of Medicine 3
School of Management  3


Types of Financial Aid Available

Summer financial aid is usually limited to:

Financial Aid Offer

Financial aid offers will become available in MyUI starting in late April (be sure to change the session to summer). Offers will continue to be made available on a weekly basis. You will receive an email when your financial aid offer is ready.

University Bill (U-Bill)

Tuition and fees and residence hall room and board will be charged to your U-Bill beginning in May. The U-Bill must be paid by the due date, regardless of delays, reductions or cancellation of financial aid. 

Questions regarding the U-Bill or the impact of not paying the U-Bill should be directed to the University Service Center in 2700 University Capitol Centre, 319-335-0071, 800-943-4557, or email


Financial aid will be disbursed on the first day of your summer class.

Withdrawing or Dropping Classes After the Summer Semester Has Begun

You should contact the Office of Student Financial Aid before dropping individual courses or withdrawing from the summer semester. A change in registration can impact your financial aid eligibility. See our summer withdrawing or dropping classes web page for important details.