The summer financial aid application is available on MyUI.

Students must apply for and be awarded summer financial aid before their summer session ends.

Summer 2018 will be the final time that the Summer Hawk Tuition Grant will be available to eligible students. If you are eligible for the Summer Hawk Tuition Grant, it will automatically be awarded when you register for summer courses.

The University of Iowa’s financial aid year includes the following terms: fall, winter, spring, and summer.  Summer is the last term of the year.


Undergraduate students must enroll for at least six hours and graduate students must enroll for at least three hours to be eligible for summer financial aid. Hour requirements vary for students enrolled in the professional colleges (i.e., College of Dentistry = 2 hours; Colleges of Law and Medicine and School of Management = 3 hours; College of Pharmacy = 6 hours).

After a student is awarded, if enrollment hours change (a student withdraws from the University or drops an individual class), cost of attendance and financial aid may be adjusted and this may result in a student being billed for financial aid received and/or loss of Work-Study.

For financial aid purposes, the 2018 summer session is considered the final term of the 2017-2018 award year. To apply for 2018 summer financial aid students must:

Types of Financial Aid Available

Summer financial aid is usually limited to:

  • Federal Pell Grant--Most students will have received their full Pell Grant eligibility for the 2017-2018 academic year and will not qualify for a Pell Grant for the 2018 summer session. The Federal Pell Grant is automatically awarded to all eligible students, even if they do not submit a summer application.
  • Federal Direct Loans--If a student has received the annual maximum Federal Direct Stafford Loan amount for the fall, winter and spring terms, loans will not be awarded for the summer session. (Annual maximum loan amounts are listed on our Federal Direct Subsidized Stafford Loan and Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan web pages.)

If summer registration requirements are met, a dependent undergraduate student will be offered a Federal Direct PLUS (Parent) Loan.  After being awarded a Parent PLUS Loan for summer, the parent must complete an electronic Direct PLUS Loan Request to accept the loan.

If summer registration requirements are met, graduate/professional students will be offered a Federal Direct PLUS (Graduate/Professional) Student Loan.

Award Notification

No later than two weeks after submission of the summer application, an email will be sent to the student informing them they can view their award notification on MyUI.  Be sure to change the session to Summer.

University Bill (U-Bill)

Beginning in May, students will be billed for contracted charges (tuition and fees and residence hall room and board).  The U-Bill must be paid by the due date, regardless of delays, reductions or cancellation of financial aid.  Questions regarding the U-Bill or the impact of not paying the U-Bill should be directed to the University Billing Office in Room 5 Calvin Hall, 319-335-0071, 800-943-4557, or email


The University Billing Office will disburse summer financial aid when the student has begun attendance in sufficient hours to meet the minimum enrollment requirement.

Withdrawing or Dropping Classes After the Summer Semester Has Begun

Students receiving summer financial aid should contact the Office of Student Financial Aid before dropping individual courses or withdrawing. A change in registration can impact a student's financial aid eligibility. See our summer withdrawing or dropping classes web page for important details.

Cost of Attendance

The summer cost of attendance and expected family contribution are based on the number of enrolled hours and weeks of enrollment at the time the summer application is submitted. Cost of attendance for summer includes actual tuition and fees based on the registered hours of enrollment, estimated book costs, and living expenses (room and board, personal and transportation expenses) associated with the number of weeks of actual enrollment.