Evaluation is an ongoing process that can be implemented on a daily basis. It lets the employer offer both praise and precise and constructive criticism to the employee. This feedback, given in a timely fashion, often motivates the employee and improves job performance. Evaluations are not required, but are encouraged based on the positive results realized in job performance and employee growth and development. The Microsoft Office document iconevaluation form (Microsoft Word document) used by the Office of Student Financial Aid to evaluate its departmental student hourly employees can be adapted and used by off-campus agencies.

Employers can choose to provide raises at the beginning of a hiring period, i.e. summer or academic year or can provide a raise during an employment period. If the raise is provided after the Off-Campus Work-Study Appointment has been finalized through the University Payroll Office, a Microsoft Office document iconRate of Pay Increase Form must be submitted by the employer to Student Employment. The raise must be effective with the beginning date of a biweekly pay period.