Approved off-campus employers are provided with a HawkID and password in order to approve work hours electronically.  To obtain a HawkID, the off-campus employer must provide Student Employment with his/her social security number and date of birth. This information allows UI Human Resources and UI Information Technology Services (ITS) to set up the HawkID and password.

Every two weeks, according to the Biweekly Payroll Schedule, employers should go to Employee Self Service to approve work hours for Work-Study employees. First, enter the assigned HawkID and password. Then, click on the human resources link under Workflow, open the time record for each employee, and approve work hours. If the password has expired, go to the HawkID Guide to change the password.  If employers experience difficulty changing the password or have forgotten the password and know their UI Employee ID, they may call the ITS Help Desk, 384-4357, for assistance. Employee ID’s can be found on the biweekly time record reminder emails that Student Employment sends to employers and students.  They may also contact Student Employment for assistance.

If the employer approves the on-line time record AFTER the Payroll cut-off date listed on the Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule, the employer should let the student know that they will not be paid on the normal payment date. The student can either be paid on the next payment date or they can go to the Payroll Office for a payroll advance.