If you are currently enrolled at another institution, you should inform the financial aid office at that school that you will be transferring to the University of Iowa.

To complete your financial aid application at The University of Iowa, you must follow the application procedures provided in our Step-By-Step Process web page.

If you already filed the appropriate year's Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on the web, you may request that your FAFSA information be sent to the University of Iowa using the FAFSA website. Click on the green login button to "add a school" and follow their instructions. The Federal School Code for the University of Iowa is 001892.

If you are attending another postsecondary institution and have borrowed the annual maximum amount of Federal Direct Loan/Federal Family Education Loan at that institution, you may not be eligible for any additional loans at the University of Iowa until the following year.

When the UI Office of Student Financial Aid (UI OSFA) awards your federal direct loans, the loan amounts will be based on your prior borrowing and on the transfer hours that were recorded by the UI Office of Admissions at the time the award is made. If you receive additional loans from your current school after the UI OSFA has awarded you loans, the loans awarded by the UI OSFA will be adjusted accordingly. If you will have additional transfer hours that will increase your earned hours from freshman to sophomore or sophomore to junior level, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for a possible loan increase after the Office of Admissions has reviewed your final academic transcript.

If you received loans while attending another postsecondary institution and will be registered at least half-time at the University of Iowa, you should notify your previous lenders that you are enrolling at the University of Iowa. This will prevent your loans from going into repayment status. Information on enrollment verification is available from the University of Iowa Registrar's Office website.