Federal Direct Loan student borrowers are required to complete mandatory on-line entrance and exit counseling. The purpose of the counseling is to provide the student with information regarding their rights and responsibilities; the commitment that comes with the acceptance of a student loan; and to help the student understand how to manage their student loans. It is important for all borrowers to realize that student loans are not grants or scholarships; they require repayment.

If you have any problems completing the online counseling or have any questions, call the Office of Student Financial Aid at 319-335-1450.


Entrance Counseling

Online entrance counseling is required for all first-time Federal Direct Stafford and Graduate PLUS loan borrowers.  Entrance counseling takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.  After signing in on the https://studentloans.gov/ website to complete entrance counseling, be sure to click on the Complete Entrance Counseling link, not the Complete Financial Awareness Counseling link.

Federal Direct Stafford and Graduate PLUS loans will not disburse until entrance counseling has been completed. Confirmation of Federal Direct Stafford Loan and Graduate PLUS loan entrance counseling completion is received by The Office of Student Financial Aid daily.

Entrance Counseling for Health Professions Loans and Nursing Loans is included with the Master Promissory Note (MPN).


Exit Counseling

All student borrowers who leave the University of Iowa either by graduating, withdrawing, or failing to return for a subsequent semester are required by Federal law to complete online exit counseling.  Exit counseling takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete.

  • Federal Direct Loan exit counseling is available at https://studentloans.gov/.  Confirmation of exit counseling completion is received by The Office of Student Financial Aid daily.  
  • The University of Iowa has an agreement with Heartland Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI) to administer the billing and collection of Federal Perkins Loans, Federal Health Professions Loans, and Federal Nursing Loans.  Exit counseling for those loans is available on the ECSI website:  https://www.heartlandecsi.com/.  If you have trouble logging into your account, contact ECSI Customer Service at 888-549-3274.