Students who wish to work while attending the University of Iowa will find job opportunities on the University campus and in the local Iowa City/Coralville community. 

Many benefits exist for students who can balance the demands of work and school. Students who are able to succeed in the classroom and meet the demands of a job impress employers.

The University does not assign students a job, even when the student is awarded Work-Study. Resources to assist students in finding employment are located on our job opportunities web page. Developing the skills necessary to conduct a job search and having a successful job interview is important to the student's future.  Student employment staff can assist the student by providing information regarding the advertisement and job search process.  In addition, information on this website will help you through this process.

Academic Year

Academic year employment on the University campus is limited to regularly enrolled UI students. Students enrolled at other local colleges, i.e., Kirkwood Community College, are not eligible for student hourly employment but may be eligible for temporary employment through Temporary/Other Jobs@UIOWA. Student positions managed by the Student Employment office are hourly positions paid on a biweekly basis.  Students who wish to be employed through a teaching or research assistantship, fellowship or traineeship, should contact the Graduate College or their individual departments.


During the summer, first priority for campus student hourly employment should be given to UI students, enrolled for the prior spring or current summer.  Individuals enrolled as high school students or students at another college/university during the prior spring or summer must provide documentation of this enrollment in order to be employed at the University. Documentation can include a copy of their course schedule or a copy of a picture ID card as long as an enrollment time period is listed on the ID card. Only UI students can access HireaHawk job postings. Non-UI students can search for jobs through Temporary/Other Jobs@UIOWA