HireaHawk is the University’s on-line advertisement system for student part-time hourly jobs, internships, and full-time employment.

For employers, the HireaHawk system will offer:

  • enhanced posting flexibility
  • a place to collect resumes, applications, and other pertinent hiring information for review
  • the opportunity to have students apply to jobs the way you want (on your website, through the university provided application, via email, etc.)
  • the option to not post contact information such as your phone number
  • the ability to screen students through a number of factors available on HireaHawk (major, grade level, etc.)
  • the ability to post additional information for students including:  company culture, department logo, photos, videos, etc.

Postings on HireaHawk require the following:

  • part-time status with the number of hours per week listed as a numerical value
    • academic year:  no more than 20 hours per week
    • Thanksgiving, winter break, spring break, summer session:  no more than 40 hours per week
  • an hourly pay rate
  • job location and employer's geographic location are within 30 miles of Iowa City

View the PDF iconHireaHawk Employer Tutorial for information on how to create a HireaHawk profile, advertise a job, and update listings. HireaHawk is updated daily, Monday through Friday, with new jobs being posted within two business days. Jobs are posted for 180 days.  When a job is filled, the employer will need to deactivate the job on HireaHawk.

All job qualifications must be in accordance with the University of Iowa Non-Discrimination Statement. All off-campus community employers must be approved by the Office of Student Financial Aid to post Federal Work-Study jobs.