Private Loan Programs To Cover Recent Prior Semester Past-due Balances

There are several private student loans available that can help you meet financial needs for past-due balances from a recent prior semester. If you have already maximized your federal aid for a previous semester, you may qualify for additional financial assistance from one of these private lenders. Please note that terms and conditions are subject to change over which the University of Iowa has no control. 

The lenders below offer options for prior semester balances. Please note that the last date of attendance is calculated by the last date you were reported as enrolled for the semester. The loan that you apply for must fall within the applicable time frame allowed by the lender in order to be certified. Please keep in mind that a loan for a past-due balance may only be applied to a previous term balance and cannot include current enrollment or current charges.

  • Citizens One (up to 365 days past end of the enrollment period, if graduating or intends to enroll here or elsewhere)
  • College Ave (no more than 365 days from the date the student's account is determined to be past due. In order to qualify, the student must be enrolled, intending to enroll again at Iowa, or have graduated.)
  • Iowa Student Loan (180 days after the loan period end date; if student withdraws, must be certified on/prior to last date of attendance)
  • Sallie Mae Student Loans (up to 365 days past the the last of enrollment, if graduating or intends to enroll here or elsewhere)
  • SoFi (up to 180 days past end of loan period if student is still enrolled, planning to enroll, or final term)