Amended Tax Return for 2023-2024

Upload your signed and dated tax documents through your Financial Aid To Do List in MyUI or hand deliver, fax, or mail the documents to the Office of Student Financial Aid. Please do not email the documents as they contain sensitive information. Please sign and date the 1040 tax documents, signatures are not required on the IRS Transcripts.

If you or your parent filed a 1040X

If you or your parent have filed an amended tax return for the 2021 tax filing year, you will need to provide additional information to the Office of Student Financial Aid:

Option 1:

  • A signed and dated copy of your original 2021 Form 1040, with Schedule 1, 2, and 3, if filed, AND 
  • A signed and dated copy of your 2021 Form 1040X

Option 2:

  • A 2021 Federal Tax Return Transcript, AND
  • 2021 Tax Account Transcript

Option 3:

  • 2021 Record of Account Transcript (NOT to be confused with the Tax Account Transcript)

If you or your parent did not file a 1040X

Sometimes the IRS makes minor internal corrections while processing tax returns. In these cases, you will not have an amended 1040X tax return. You will need to provide additional information to the Office of Student Financial Aid:

Option 1:

  • 2021 Record of Account Transcript. (NOT to be confused with the Tax Account Transcript. The Tax Account Transcript will not be accepted unless it is also submitted with a Tax Return Transcript.)

Option 2:

One of the following:

  • Any letter or notice from the IRS indicating the changes the IRS made to the individual's 2021 tax return data itemsOR
  • A 2021 Tax Account Transcript, which shows any amended tax data items

AND one of the following:

  • A 2021 Tax Return Transcript or any other tax transcript showing the tax data from the original tax return; OR
  • A signed and dated copy of the 2021 Form 1040 and Schedules 1, 2, and 3 that were filed with the IRS or other relevant tax authority.

Options to obtain the documents

Visit the IRS website

  1. Request online: create an account with the IRS to download your transcripts.
    • We recommend downloading the 2021 Record of Account Transcript, as this includes all the information we need.
    • Note: You will need a credit card, student loan, mortgage, home equity loan, or auto loan to verify your identity to create an account. If you do not have one of these, you will need to request the transcript by mail or through Form 4506-T.
  2. Request by mail: if you still live at the address listed on your 2021 tax return, click “Get Transcript by Mail” and complete two requests: one for the Account Transcript and one for the Return Transcript for 2021. The IRS will mail the transcripts to the address listed on the 2021 tax return.
    • Note: The IRS does not have an option to request a Record of Account Transcript through the online mail request system.
  3. If you no longer have access to mail at the address on your 2021 tax return, use Form 4506-T from the IRS to request a Record of Account Transcript (check box 6c) for the year that ended December 31, 2021 (line 9). Mail or fax Form 4506-T to the address listed on Page 2.