Administrative Staff

Cindy Seyfer

Assistant Provost and Director of Student Financial Aid

Brenda Buzynski

Senior Associate Director, Systems & Awarding

Kelly Carrell

Senior Associate Director, Compliance, Fiscal Management & Processing

Cathy Wilcox

Senior Associate Director, Scholarships, External Programs, Athletics

Josh Patterson

Associate Director, Processing & Verification

Kelsey Ryder

Associate Director, Advising, Financial Literacy & Outreach

Julie Hostager

Assistant Director, Scholarship Programs; Iowa Scholarship Portal Manager

Lacey Patterson

Assistant Director, Service Operations & Outreach

Bob Upmeyer

Assistant Director, Study Abroad & External Programs

Financial Aid Advisors - Advising, Financial Literacy & Outreach

Financial Aid Advisors - Processing & Verification

Administrative Support

Liz Becker

Funds Manager, Pell, TEACH, & Federal Direct Loans

Tammy Coverdale-Bauer

Client Services Coordinator

Scott Godsil

Funds Manager, SEOG, FWS, & Institutional Loans

Alice Olsen

Administrative Services Coordinator - Records

Allison Schlue

Manager, Communications & Training, Web Administrator

Support Staff

Rita Gerot


Senior Financial Aid Advisor

Michael Steffen

Scholarships & Athletics

Brad Stiles

SAP & Withdrawals