Administrative Staff

Kathy Bialk

Assistant Provost, Director of Student Financial Aid

Beth Cole

Senior Associate Director, Fiscal Management, Audits, Reporting

Sara Even

Senior Associate Director, Systems, Communications

Cindy Seyfer

Senior Associate Director, Counseling, Processing, Outreach, Financial Literacy, Student Employment

Cathy Wilcox

Senior Associate Director, Scholarships, External Programs, Athletics

Cindy Roberts

Associate Director, Scholarships

Kelly Carrell

Assistant Director, Processing & Verification

Carmen Nugent

Assistant Director, Scholarship Programs; Iowa Scholarship Portal Manager

Kelsey Ryder

Assistant Director, Financial Literacy & Counseling

Bob Upmeyer

Assistant Director, Study Abroad and External Programs

Financial Aid Advisors - Counseling & Financial Literacy

Shelly Brimeyer

Senior Financial Aid Advisor

Financial Aid Advisors - Processing & Verification

Cory Manning

Senior Financial Aid Advisor

Administrative Support

Linda Beeler

Manager, Pell, TEACH, Federal Direct Loans

Tammy Coverdale-Bauer

Client Services Coordinator

Robert Helle

Manager, SEOG, FWS, & Institutional Loans

Kathy Kral

Administrative Assistant

Allison Schlue

Manager, Communications & Training, Web Administrator

Support Staff

Rita Gerot


Alice Olsen

Application Records