Administrative Staff

Unfilled Position

Assistant Provost, Director of Student Financial Aid

Cathy Wilcox

Senior Associate Director of Office Operations, Awarding

Beth Cole

Senior Associate Director of Systems, Budget

Cindy Seyfer

Senior Associate Director of Student Employment, Retention, Athletics, Advantage Iowa

Sara Even

Associate Director, Financial Literacy, Federal Pell Grants, Student Loans, Satisfactory Academic Progress

Bob Upmeyer

Assistant Director, Study Abroad and External Programs

Financial Aid Counselors

Financial Literacy Specialists

Administrative Support

Allison Schlue

MAUI Support

Student To Employed Professional (STEP)

Josh Frahm

UI STEP (Student to Employed Professional) Program Coordinator/Adjunct Instructor

Support Staff

Linda Beeler

Federal Direct Loans, Federal Pell Grants

Tammy Coverdale-Bauer

Telephone Receptionist and Mail

Rita Gerot


Robert Helle

Alternative (Private) Loan Processing, Institutional Loans, Study Abroad

Julie Hostager

Satisfactory Academic Progress, Withdrawals

Gregory Johnson


Rachel Moss


Alice Olsen

Application Records

Diane Schlick

Student Employment