Student Aid Report (SAR)

Approximately one week after submitting your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) the federal processor will send you a Student Aid Report (SAR) notifying you that they have processed your FAFSA information.  If  you provided an e-mail address on your FAFSA, you will be sent an e-mail informing you how to obtain your SAR on-line.  If you did not provide an e-mail address, you will be mailed a paper SAR.  If you do not receive a SAR within three weeks of submitting your FAFSA, call the federal processor at 1-800-433-3243.

Review your SAR for correctness.

  • If there is an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) amount listed at the top right of the SAR, the University of Iowa is listed, and your social security number is correct, the federal processor will send your information electronically to the University of Iowa Office of Student Financial Aid (UI OSFA).  Keep the SAR for your records.
  • If your social security number is not correct, you will need to refile the FAFSA.
  • If the University of Iowa is not listed or there is no EFC amount listed, correct the information on the SAR. Part 2 of the SAR provides instructions on how to make corrections. If  you have a paper SAR, mail the corrected SAR to the address listed on the back of the SAR. If you are making corrections to the SAR information on the web, you will submit the corrections electronically. After submitting your corrections, you will receive a corrected SAR from the federal processor.