Scholarships administered by the UI Office of Student Financial Aid and the UI Office of Admissions (at the time of admission) require continuous full-time enrollment at the University of Iowa and have a UI cumulative GPA requirement.  Depending on the type of scholarship, the University of Iowa (UI) cumulative GPA requirement is either a 3.0 or 2.0.  The UI cumulative GPA is different than the overall cumulative GPA.  If a student does not meet the renewal requirements at the end of a semester, the scholarship will be canceled for all future semesters.  Log into MyUI to view the academic requirements of certain University of Iowa scholarships you have been awarded.

The purpose of measuring and enforcing the requirements is to ensure that scholarship recipients maintain the academic success expected of them when the aid was awarded.

Some students may experience extenuating circumstances that affect their ability to meet the renewal requirements. It is possible for students to submit an appeal for renewal if they meet certain extenuating circumstances that occurred within the semester or academic year. Students who have appealed in a prior semester or year should not expect another appeal to be approved.

Reasons for an appeal may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • student's medical condition (i.e., serious illness, surgery, hospitalization, change in health status, mental health issue, accident)
  • medical condition of student's immediate family member
  • death of a family member or close friend
  • assault
  • other circumstances that are beyond the control of the student

If you were notified that your scholarship was canceled and you have experienced any of the above circumstances, send an email to  In your email, provide:

  • your complete name
  • University of Iowa ID
  • current cell number
  • details on why you were not able to meet the eligibility criteria
  • your projected plan that will lead you to meeting renewal requirements in the future

Your appeal does not need to be lengthy.  It will be reviewed by the committee within two weeks and a decision will be emailed to your University of Iowa email. Appeals for the Fall 2018 semester must be submitted by September 14, 2018.

Note:  This appeal submission is not for the Advantage Iowa awards. You should have received a separate email about the Advantage Iowa appeal process from Dr. Nadine Petty, Executive Director of the Center for Diversity and Enrichment.