Students’ academic records are reviewed in January, May, and August to determine compliance with the SAP Standards. Students who lose financial aid eligibility due to not meeting SAP requirements may:

  • earn the necessary GPA or semester hours to meet the minimum requirements while not receiving federal financial aid or
  • submit a SAP Appeal Form in MyUI.

SAP Appeal Deadlines:  For the fall and spring semesters, SAP appeals must be submitted by the first Friday of classes.  For the summer session, SAP appeals must be submitted by June 15.

Minimum Grade-Point Average (GPA)

Students must maintain the minimum grade-point average requirement of their respective colleges. Questions regarding the grade-point requirement should be directed to the individual college.

Minimum Pace Requirement

Use the formula below to determine your pace. The minimum pace requirement is 67%.

Completed Semester Hours (grades of A, B, C, D, S or P)   divided by   Attempted Semester Hours (grades of F, N, U, W, O or I)


  Fall Semester + Spring Semester = Total
Completed Hours 6 + 6 = 12
Attempted Hours 9 + 9 = 18

12 ÷ 18 = .67 (67 %)

Duration of Eligibility Limit

Students are considered for financial aid for a limited time. Transfer hours and withdrawal semesters are included in the duration of eligibility. Students who reach the duration of eligibility limit must file the SAP Appeal Form to regain financial aid eligibility.  All students with a prior graduate or professional degree are required to file a SAP Appeal Form for financial aid eligibility.

Master's Level (limited to 8 semesters of enrollment)

Ed.S. = 67 hours
M.A., M.S. = 50 hours
M.Ac. = 30 hours
M.A.T. = 67 hours
M.C.S = 32 hours
M.F.A. = 82 hours
M.P.A.S. = 92 hours
M.P.H. = 46 hours
M.S.N. = 52 hours
M.S.N. - C.N.L. = 61 hours
M.H.A, M.S.W. = 60  hours
M.B.A. = 67 hours

Doctoral Level (limited to 16 semesters of enrollment)

Au.D. = 95 hours
D.M.A. = 72 hours
D.N.P. = 78 hours
D.P.T. = 102 hours
Ph.D. = 103 hours