The following scholarships are funded by private donors. The Office of Student Financial Aid awards the following scholarships. No scholarship application is required; however, for those scholarships that require financial need, students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by April 1 prior to the upcoming academic year. The notification process begins in mid-May and continues through August.

Specific eligibility requirements are listed within each scholarship description.

Loretta and Leslie Copeland Scholarship--Awarded to an undergraduate student who is a U.S. citizen.  First preference is given to students from Clarksville, Iowa, then from Butler, Bremer, or Floyd (Iowa) counties. Students with lower grade-point average have first preference. Based on financial need. Value: Up to resident tuition and fees (number varies).

Albert M. and Mary L Efner Scholarship--Awarded to first-time undergraduate students who have earned an associates degree from Indian Hills Community College. Based on financial need and merit. If there are no qualified candidates from Indian Hills, first-time students from Wapello County high schools may be considered.

JoAnn and Jerry Kramer Scholarship--Awarded to deserving students who demonstrate financial need and academic merit in their field of study.

Olive Pearl Ritter Scholarship--Awarded to undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need and who have demonstrated scholastic proficiency. This scholarship may be renewed depending upon available funding, and student continuing to show financial need and merit.

Kevin Sinnard Memorial Scholarship--Awarded to a college junior or senior in good academic standing who is a resident of Iowa or Illinois. Award is rotated among students majoring in business, engineering, medical technology, or biochemistry. Financial need is considered.

Robert Vernon Family Memorial Fund--Awarded to undergraduate U.S. citizens with preference given to American Indian, Black, and female minority students demonstrating financial need.

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