Vision Statement

To inspire, challenge, and educate students at the University of Iowa on the importance of being intentional in everything they do. We strive to provide lifelong learning tips that assist in academic and employment excellence, personal and career development, and creation of a professional mindset for our fellow students. Our vision will be fulfilled through personal mentoring, career instruction, and through supporting the importance of proactive and engaging behaviors. We will do our utmost to motivate and teach students how to attack their career goals with clarity, competence, and confidence.


  • Bi-weekly/Monthly organizational meetings
  • Mentoring opportunities and services for freshman and sophomore students
  • Career development and strategy presentations/workshops
  • Career research and understanding of employer recruiting trends
  • Setting up public speaking engagements/employer panels
  • Marketing career center and developmental courses on campus
  • UI student education on future career expectations, professional mindset, and the college-to-career transition
  • Involvement in STEP--Workflorce Development sessions
  • Supporting engagement and the importance of lifelong learning on the UI campus

Desirable traits for organization leadership include, but are not limited to:

  • Professionalism, including within both written and verbal communications
  • Active listener with the ability to relate to younger students
  • Above average presentation skills (solid public speaker)
  • Attitude--positivity and enthusiasm for the vision of the UI STEP organization
  • Possesses the intangibles of a leader--positive leadership and transferable skills
  • Works great in a team atmosphere
  • High attendance/participation record
  • Academic and student employment success
  • PROACTIVE!! Willing to not just do what is asked, but go above and beyond for the good of themselves and the organization


Members must be:

  • student employees (on or off-campus)
  • in good academic standing with the University and have a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • at least sophomore standing at the University of Iowa

Note: While a certain population of students is ineligible for membership, individual students are still permitted to attend our monthly meetings/workshops and develop a mentoring relationship with our organization.

If you are interested in becoming a member, complete the PDF iconSTEP-Member Application and email it to or return it to your referral.