To provide work opportunities for University of Iowa students that help off-set the cost of education while providing students with valuable work experience that is becoming increasingly important in today’s global economy.  Our goal is to help student’s find employment that not only adds substantial value to University operations, but substantial value to each student’s personal and professional development.


  • To provide a broad range of job opportunities which will help provide students with transferable job skills, personal growth, leadership, networking, and feeling a sense of belonging at the University of Iowa.
  • To provide students with employment opportunities that not only provide them with experience, but help them contribute to what is a vital part of our University operations.
  • To foster student career development through a variety of employment options along with programs that will enhance what they learn on the job (Student Employee Orientation, IOWA GROW, UI STEP).

Student Role in Mission

Have you ever noticed that many of the important events and activities that take place on our campus are due in large part to our student employees?  Student employees play an integral part in the overall mission:

  • 7,944 students work on-campus alone and earned over $21 million in 2014
  • 1,3177 work-study students made a total of $2.9 million in 2012

Some students have more than one job so in total 8,530 students were employed in 2014 and earned over 24.8 million.

Student employees are capable of going beyond the textbook to contribute their time and effort to make themselves an invaluable asset for the University. 

Benefits of Student Employment:

  • Gain valuable training and work experience
  • Develop transferable skills that are necessary for a great career upon graduation
  • Increased connection to campus
  • Superior time management and organizational skills
  • Networking and reference opportunities
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Pay for educational expenses

Jobs on-campus are real jobs, with real responsibilities, and are essential to the day-to-day operations of our departments.  The student employee role in the overall University mission is showcased by the IOWA GROW™ program along with the UI STEP (Student to Employed Professional) course offerings for student employees. 

As a student employee, you not only are gaining significant experience that will forever help your future career, but you are a part of a University that values everything that you bring to the job on a daily basis.