Often the Work-Study appointment is not entered in the payroll system in time for an electronic time record to be created for the first biweekly pay period of employment. For instance, the student is hired after the first day of the biweekly pay period or the employment appointment is created after the first day of the biweekly pay period. If this occurs, the work hours need to be entered on the Bi-weekly Employee Time Record -- Work-Study form and mailed to the Payroll Office at 120-30 University Services Building.

  • The begin and end dates of the pay period and the dates of the work listed must correspond to the biweekly pay period dates.
  • Employers need to indicate the student name, student UI ID and pay rate along with the Master File Key (MFK) for the employee to be paid. The Payroll and Accounting Master File Key (MFK) listed below is the same for all off-campus Work-Study employers except for the following which must be selected by the employer (The information can also be found on the approved off-campus work-study appointment form.):
    • Fund 275
    • Org 02
    • Dept 4665
    • Inst Account:
      • 5945-Federal Work-Study
      • 5943-Federal Community Service
      • 5944-Federal Reading Tutor
    • Sdept 00004
    • grt/prog 0000000
    • Inst 5945/5943/5944
    • Org 000
    • Dept Account--The Dept Account that designates the individual off-campus employer is listed on the employer's prior billing statement and can be found in the drop down box for employing departments/agencies on the¬†Off Campus CWS Appointment Request.
    • Fu 00
    • CCtr 0000

If the employer, on behalf of the student, submits a paper time record to the Payroll Office AFTER the Payroll cut-off date listed on the Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule, the employer should let the student know that they will not be paid on the normal payment date. The student can either be paid on the next payment date or they can go to the Payroll Office for a payroll advance.