Employers of UI Students

As an employer of University of Iowa students, all of you reading this page play a huge part in the personal and professional development of our student body.  In this day and age with a highly competitive job market, it is not enough for students to just rely on their major to get them a job.  More and more, employers are looking for students to come into the workplace with a wide range of experiences to draw from, and that is where their student job comes in. 

According to a 2013 survey of 318 employers who hire college graduates (conducted by Hart Research Associates), priorities for the kinds of learning today’s college students need to succeed in today’s economy has changed.  Below are some examples of the findings from the survey:

  • Nearly all those surveyed (93%) agree, “a candidate’s demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is more important than their undergraduate major.”
  • More than nine in ten of those surveyed say it is important that those they hire demonstrate ethical judgment and integrity; intercultural skills; and the capacity for continued new learning.
  • More than three in four employers say they want colleges to place more emphasis on helping students develop five key learning outcomes, including: critical thinking, complex problem-solving, written and oral communication, and applied knowledge in real-world settings.
  • The majority of employers agree that having both field-specific knowledge and skills and a broad range of skills and knowledge is most important for recent college graduates to achieve long-term career success. Few think that having field-specific knowledge and skills alone is what is most needed for individuals’ career success.

Not only is the experience you provide our students important in their development of professional skills, but that experience is extremely important to future employers as well. 

As student employers, you make a positive difference in the lives of our students and hopefully they are positive for your departments as well.  Take a look at what our students had to say about their student jobs below:

Quote #1:

My job gives me a competitive edge over my peers because it has taught me the valuable lessons of accountability, professionalism, and time management. The college to work transition will be easier for me because I am used to the demands and sacrifices of holding a job. I also have an edge up on my peers because I have learned how to interact with staff members (both above and below me) and I have a better understanding of the traits that make a good employee.   UI Senior

Quote #2:

One of the first articles we read stated that “the majority of employers agree that having BOTH field specific knowledge and skills and a broad range of transferable skills and knowledge is most important for recent college graduates to achieve long-term career success.” This quote was comforting to read and has really helped me see how lucky I am to have my student job. As a current student employee, the experiences I have encountered on the job have allowed me to learn how to react in stressful situations and deal with a wide variety of people. These are just some of the skills I have learned along the way and I plan to keep using my experiences at work as practice for the future. I can use my student job as a test run which gives me an advantage over my peers because I can learn from my mistakes now and start fixing them now, as opposed to waiting until I am trying to enter the work world to figure it out!  UI Junior

Quote #3:

I feel really lucky to have the job that I have. I am a "Student Success Coach" for freshmen students and I basically am a peer mentor for them and help them adjust to college and with things like test taking skills, time management, etc. My supervisor is so wonderful and helpful! We also had training for about 40 hours before the position started. I think that I benefited more from the training than all of my classes combined.  I think this job is preparing me to go into the field of school counseling and will hopefully lead to the next step in my career plans.  UI Senior