COVID-19 Updates Related to Financial Aid

Financial Aid staff are available by email ( and phone (319-335-1450) to help you and answer your questions.

Impact of Course Drops or Semester Withdrawals on Scholarships

Due to these challenging times and uncertainty as students transition to virtual instruction, the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) is adjusting the scholarship renewal policy for the spring 2020 semester. Scholarships offered by the Office of Admissions and OSFA require continuous full-time enrollment. This requirement will be waived for the spring 2020 semester if your enrollment was impacted by COVID-19. The eight semester scholarship limit remains in place.

This change only relates to scholarships offered by the Office of Admissions and OSFA. Collegiate and departmental scholarships are subject to the rules established by the college/department.

Impact of Pass/Nonpass Course Grading on Scholarships

A Pass/Nonpass (P/N) grade does not impact GPA. If you were meeting the GPA requirements for your scholarship(s) for spring 2020, choosing to take a grade of P/N will not impact scholarship renewals.

If you submitted an appeal and had your scholarship reinstated for spring 2020, choosing to take a grade of P/N may impact you if you receive a non-pass grade. More detailed information will be sent to you by email.

The Office of Admissions and OSFA scholarship GPA renewal requirements can be viewed on MyUI.

Use the GPA calculator to see how your GPA can change. 

Impact of Pass/Nonpass Course Grading on Satisfactory Academic Progress

A grade of P/N is not included in the calculation of GPA. The University of Iowa's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy requires a 2.0 UI Cumulative GPA to remain eligible for financial aid.

Grades of P/N will count towards the calculation of SAP pace (number of semester hours completed divided by the number of semester hours attempted). P grades would count as a completed course. N grades would not count as a completed course. The University of Iowa's SAP policy requires a 67% pace to remain eligible for financial aid.

Grades of P/N will count towards the SAP duration of eligibility limits for your program (total hours you are allowed to take before losing financial aid eligibility).

If you are currently on SAP probation, you can email for clarification on how taking a P/N course may affect your SAP probation. As stated above a P/N course will not affect your GPA, but will be counted as part of your semester pace requirement. 

Submitting Financial Aid Documents

We are able to accept documents via MyUI, mail, email, or fax (click here for contact information). If you have a document that needs to be turned in in person (example: citizenship document) please email us at and we can work with you. We do not recommend sending documents that include a social security number over email.

Loss of Income Due to COVID-19

We can review changes to income due to COVID-19. However, we require families to wait 8 weeks before submitting documentation related to income loss. This allows time for income to stabilize and for unemployment benefits to be set up, if applicable. We recommend discussing your specific situation with a financial aid advisor by contacting us at 319-335-1450 or at

Loss of Investments Due to COVID-19

The FAFSA doesn't allow for investments (example: 529 plan) to be updated after it has been submitted. Reductions to investments will be reflected on the following year's FAFSA. A portion of parental investments are excluded in the calculation of the expected family contribution, so they may not significantly impact your financial aid.