Both University and community employers utilize Jobnet, an on-line University advertisement system, to post employment opportunities.

To search for Work-Study jobs, students must be awarded Work-Study (financial aid). They will also need a Work-Study code (password) that will be provided to them by the Office of Student Financial Aid when they are notified of their Work-Study award. The Work-Study code can be found on the student's award notification information, available on ISIS (click Student Records, then Award Notification).

The Jobnet database lists the following types of jobs:

  • University part-time hourly
  • Work-Study (both University and off-campus at approved government and non-profit sites)
  • Local community part-time hourly

The following links provide information on a variety of on and off campus employment opportunities. Although many jobs are advertised online, others may not be so it is recommended as a student that you are very proactive with your job search and network both on and off campus.  The links are sorted by job location.

On and Off Campus


The Daily Iowan (student newspaper--classified sections)

The Press Citizen (community newspaper--classified sections)

On Campus (University of Iowa)

Graduate Assistant Job Postings

Merit Employment (Most University of Iowa Merit positions are permanent positions with benefits. They require a commitment of one year. If you are seeking this type of employment, information is available from the University of Iowa Employment Services Office.)

Recreational Services

University Housing and Dining

Off Campus

City of Coralville

City of Iowa City

Iowa City Community School District

Johnson County Government

Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions

Mercy Hospital (Iowa City)

State of Iowa