As a student, you may have a number of different reasons why you have chosen to start working while at the University of Iowa.  Let’s list a few of the reasons you may have sought employment:

  • To have spending money
  • To pay for college tuition
  • To explore possible career options
  • To meet new people
  • Last but not least, because my parents made me get a job

No matter what your reasons are for becoming a student employee, this can be the beginning of a lifelong pattern of success in the workplace.  A student job is a real job, and maintaining professionalism throughout your experience is a must.  As a student employee, you are counted on to be an integral part of the University and its operations.  Think about any big event that takes place at the University…go back to your first week on campus, your orientation; all of these events heavily involve your fellow peers.  Your role is important to the University and we want you to treat it as such. 

The key to developing the professional “You” starts on the job that you have recently been hired to do.  Make it a point to be intentional at work.  Look to gain experience, meet people, and connect with your supervisor/s.  When you are done with the task assigned, ask for further jobs or responsibilities.  Be proactive with your job and you will find the experience to be extremely rewarding and beneficial to your future.  Now, it’s time to get started!

“My job gives me a competitive edge over my peers because it has taught me the valuable lessons of accountability, professionalism and time management.  The college to work transition will be easier for me because I am used to the demands and sacrifices of holding a job. I also have an edge up on my peers because I have learned how to interact with staff members (both above and below me) and I have a better understanding of the traits that make a good employee.” -- UI Senior