Reduce or Cancel Your Aid

If you would like to reduce or cancel your Federal Direct Stafford Loans, you may do so on the Student Loan Confirmation page in MyUI.  If you would like to reduce or cancel other types of financial aid, complete the Aid Adjustment Form.

Review the following important eligibility criteria to ensure you continue to receive your federal financial aid.

Attend and Participate in Classes
To remain eligible for federal financial aid, students must attend all registered classes at least once during the first ten days of the semester. If your instructors report you as not attending, your financial aid may be canceled or reduced.

Continue Participating in Classes
Once you have established attendance in all classes, continue to actively participate in classes throughout the semester.

  • If, during the semester, you determine you need to withdraw from the University, follow the official university withdrawal procedures
  • If you receive no passing grades at the end of the semester (all grades of I, F, U, N, or W), your financial aid may be reduced. Review our unofficial withdrawal policy for details.

Guided Independent Student (GIS) Classes
Be sure to complete the Attendance Quiz for each class before the 10th day of the semester to show your intent to "attend" the class.

Change in Enrollment Status
Your financial aid award is based on full-time enrollment. If, on the 10th day of the semester, your actual enrollment hours are different from your original anticipated enrollment hours, your financial aid may be recalculated. For full-time enrollment status, you must remain enrolled for at least twelve hours as an undergraduate or professional student and nine hours as a School of Management or graduate student.

Satisfactory Academic Progress
All federal financial aid recipients must meet the University's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards to qualify for financial aid. Review our SAP undergraduate and graduate standards for details.

Important Deadlines
Please review important academic deadlines for adding or dropping classes and withdrawal of your entire registration on the UI Office of the Registrar's website.